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Intensive Seminars

Attend power-packed Seminars that will teach you how to create deals, how the money works, and how to manage the process.

Network Access

Gain access to a dynamic, active network of like-minded professionals who are ready to work with you on your next big venture.

Video Training

Learn from the pros through hours of video training that covers ROI, arbitrage, funding, what to look for in a deal, and more.

Tools and Calculators

Choose from a wide range of tools, documents, and calculators specially designed to get you the answers and clarity you need.


AWN is a diverse group of individuals and Mentors with experience in business, finance, startups, real estate, construction, etc.

Member Portal

The AWN Member Portal keeps you connected to the people and resources that will move your investment ventures forward.

How could your investment opportunities be different if you had a strong network along side you?

AWN helps you to get educated in creating deals, funding, and managing the process. Get the training you desire to go further and open up opportunities.

It's all about the Synergy

Synergy within a network of like-minded people is what gives a group power. Together the network of AWN is more than the sum of it's parts.

The major advantages are the power of the network and the education. When you have a network behind you of people who have knowledge of the market and industry, business savvy, time to invest, and desire to collaborate with you, then you can accomplish so much more. Embarking on a new venture, whether it be real estate or a business startup, can be risking and scary. Putting out into the deep with a network of like-minded professionals can help you build confidence and success.

Our network members may embark together on a variety of ventures. They may be real estate deals, new business opportunities, investments, etc. The members may decide to play active roles in the opportunity, such as drawing up documents, visiting properties, or meeting with involved parties. Other members may decide to take a passive role by investing in the work of other members. Either way, the power is in the network.

You can expect to dive deep into how deals can be structured, how the money works, and how to find and pitch your deal for investment. You will also hear from other members who have completed various real estate and business deals and learn from their experiences. This real-world education isn't available anywhere else.

The Member Portal is designed to be a hub for all the resources that will help you along the way. These resources include document templates for setting up deals and investing, powerful calculators to work out and visualize how all the money works, and a Member only forum to interact with other members, ask questions, and get tangible responses you can act on in real-time.

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Reach out to AWN to get into an upcoming informational event. Here is our calendar for this year. These events are subject to change.
Event Times: All events begin at 10am on the first day and end at noon on the last day. Lunch will be served both days.

Information Seminar Sanctus Ranch Register
Education & Networking Sanctus Ranch Members Only
Information Seminar Sanctus Ranch Register
Education & Networking Sanctus Ranch Members Only
Education & Networking Sanctus Ranch Members Only
Information Seminar Sanctus Ranch Register
Education & Networking Sanctus Ranch Members Only